Sciatica and Back Pain Solutions

I had a bad case of sciatica in my early 20’s from playing sports.
After a series of misdiagnoses by my family doctor I tried 3 chiropractors then an orthopedic back surgeon. The diagnosis I ended up with after all of these visits to these various doctors was that I was just going to have to live with the pain.

I said no way. I then went back to the gym and started working out consistently, tried some sciatic nerve exercises I read about and healed myself. I am now 45, still lift weights, still do aerobic exercises, still play tennis and am pain free. It does take time and patience. Heck, it took me a 8 months to be pain free. I spent about 30 minutes a day doing these sciatica exercises. I also took 1 gram vitamin C per day to promote rehydration of my lumbar disk, did my aerobic exercises religiously, then began a regimen of dead-lifting, working up to around 200lbs.

I ditched of my car which had these awful bucket seats. I also went from being a stomach sleeper to a back sleeper. Stomach sleeping can put undo pressure on the discs of your back.

How is the alignment of your feet? My daughter’s feet camber inward. I took her to a foot specialist and was given some shoe inserts. He told me that many people have this problem and don’t know it. It causes the whole alignment of the legs and back to shift and can cause back problems eventually in 80% of untreated cases.

My mom had severe and debilitating spine pain for years due to Spondylolisthesis. She saw plenty of doctors in her life, believe me. 3 years ago s bought an inversion table from Amazon for $100. When she starts having pain, she hops on the table for just a few minutes. She says this inversion table has saved her life. Before the inversion table, a flair up could last for weeks and be caused by simply standing on my feet to long or wearing shoes that her back just didn’t approve of.