Sciatica Symptoms

The Signs and Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica is a medical condition that affects millions of people around the globe. It is a common form of neuralgia or neuritis which causes pain along the path of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back, to the pelvis, and along the back of the legs. This nerve enables your body to control the said parts and provides them with sensation. You may feel extreme pain that will disable you from doing even the simplest work. Fortunately, Cure Sciatica Naturally In 7 Days provides the most effective and fast treatment option for sciatica. But firs you need to be aware of the different sciatica symptoms.

The most common cause of sciatica is a herniated disc. Sciatica develops when the nerves in the lower back are compressed after the sliding or herniating of a disc. The cartilaginous discs are found in between the spines. They protect the spine from rubbing against each other and it also makes the back more flexible.

There are many causes of sciatica such as lumbar spinal stenosis or the narrowing of the spine, piriformis syndrome or the pressing of sciatic nerve because of muscle spasms, spondylolisthesis which a degenerative disease of the intervertebral discs, spinal tumors and even trauma.

When herniation occurs, the disc slips and the substance inside the disc compresses the nerves thus causing the pain, numbness, and the tingling sensation.  Depending on which nerve root is compressed, a patient may have a low back pain, or difficulty walking or numbness on the lower extremities.

How do you know if it’s sciatica? If you have these sciatica symptoms, it is best to consider treatment immediately.

  • Pain. Pain is the most prominent symptom of sciatica. It could be a mild ache or you may feel a severe burning sensation radiating from the back to the lower extremities which will prevent you from walking. The pain may only affect one leg.
  • Weakness or numbing of the affected area. Sometimes, pain may not be felt always but rather weakness and a numbing sensation. Also it could occur in one leg while the other leg is in pain.
  • Needles-and-pins sensation. This is another aspect of sciatica symptoms that you need to be mindful of. Oftentimes, a tingling sensation or a sensation like that of being pricked by needles is felt on the back down to the toes.

Rarely, you may lose control of urination and bowel movements. This is a severe complication of the result of nerve compression which requires immediate medical attention.

What Is The Best Solution For These Sciatica Symptoms

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