Sciatica Exercises

The Top Five Sciatica Exercises

Welcome to this sciatica exercises page. Sciatica is a medical condition in which the nerve roots are compressed causing a discomfort and pain from the lower back to back of the legs. While this condition can be disabling, there are many natural treatment options that can be considered. One of them is the sciatica exercises that can be done to help relieve pain. These exercises are done to prevent the further compression of the nerves by balancing out pressure.

It may seem contradictory, but exercises for sciatica actually help relieve pain Sciatica exercisesbetter than bed rest. However, it should be noted that the right exercises should be done or else the pain may only become worse. Without exercise, your back will be weakened and thus, it will be unable to support itself causing further compression of the nerves leading to more pain.

Sciatic nerve exercises are usually focused on the back and abdominal muscles. For which, sit-ups are recommended. Stretching will also help make the back more flexible. Here are some of the commonly used sciatica treatment exercises.

Yoga has long been established as being a very good way to get fit. Yoga movements are not strenuous to trigger sciatica. With proper breathing coupled with flowing exercises, the compression is relieved as the movements perfectly balance out your weight.

Stretching exercises are also good for curing sciatica. What you should do is bend backward and then place your hands on your hips and tilt your head back, facing the ceiling. Count to 10 and then relax. You might also want to do stretching while inhaling and exhaling. Do this by inhaling and at the same time standing on your toe.

Stretching your hamstring muscle will benefit everyone with sciatica regardless of the cause.  The hamstrings are muscles found at the back your thigh.

Do sit ups when pain is not so severe. Place your hands crossed on your chest. DO the sit ups while keeping you back straight and your knees bent. Do 10 counts or as tolerated by your body.

Walking a couple of miles is a good activity with the full benefit of an aerobic exercise. It is not strenuous to cause any exacerbation of pain but it will help strengthen the low back and the legs and it will also help control breathing. Try to increase the number of miles that you walk after several times.

Though the above-mentioned exercises seem simple to do, it should be done with caution. If the exercise is not done correctly, it may only worsen the pain.

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